Circular Anento, Aguallueve y Arguilay de Báguena

Trail name and description

Level & Scale of difficulty used for hiking

E (For more info have a look here


3,35 hours


11,36 km

Refreshing points

there is a fountain at the castle


Arguilay has a recreational area for picnics as well as Aguallueve

Best period for hiking

all year long  with the best period being rom late June to mid-September


summers are short, hot, dry and mostly clear, and winters are long, very cold, snowy, windy and partly cloudy. During the course of the year, the temperature generally varies from -0 °C to 29 °C and rarely drops below -5 °C or rises above 33 °C

how to reach the starting point

From Zaragoza, take the A-23 towards Teruel take exit 206 to Lechón

Equipment and outfit required

a bottle of water, as it is not always possible to stock up on water on the way, a hat, windbreaker, whatever you consider indispensable on a personal level, remembering not to make the rucksack unnecessarily heavy, hiking footwear.



Anento castle is a rock castle of small dimensions, due to the fact that the surface of the hill where it is located measures around 40 metres in axis. The eastern side of the castle, where the moat is also located, is the best preserved.

Aguallueve is a spring that falls continuously in the form of drops of water, creating a spectacular relief, with walls of stone and moss, and small caves hidden inside. It generates a beautiful valley full of nature, which can be crossed along paths and tracks surrounded by trees and bushes, such as pines, poplars, blackberries… and native animals, such as blackbirds, cuckoos, roe deer. The Arguilay Ravine is a depression of fluvial origin originating in the calcareous rock that underlies the Campo de Romanos, and which gives rise to a humid environment where there is also a rest area – picnic area.
The hike starts in the village of Anento with a climb up to the castle. This ascent is by a comfortable staircase surrounded cactus. From there the route descends to the Aguallueve where there are some curious formations created by constant water falling and small caves. The route continues ascending towards the upper part of the ridge to visit the Celtiberian tower and then continues along the entire cliff until Arguilay. The path down is quite steep in some sections and there is a lot of clay, which can cause hikers to slip and fall. In some areas of this route the path passes very close to the cliffs. From there the track leads back to Anento again.

The town is famous for its sausages derived from the slaughter of pigs, some of which are very popular in the surrounding area, such as fardeles, made from spiced pork liver and lean pork. As you would expect, roast veal is another of the most popular dishes to eat in Anento.

  • It is worth mentioning the honey that is made here, flavoured with plants from the surrounding area; the remains of an old beehive can still be visited in the streets of the town.
  • The local bread oven. It is located inside a house that is currently used as a multi-purpose centre (or teleclub). The oven is embedded in one of the walls of the building. It was used to bake the community’s bread. Nowadays, they are only lit for festivities, when typical local gastronomic products are made.
  • Several hemispherical stone constructions can be found in the village, also known as the iceboxes. During the winter months, the village used to collect ice and store it for domestic use or sale in the following months, while it lasted. In summer, it was used to store fresh food and drink, which the harvesters took to the fields to work for the duration of the day.

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