Clear, sweet fresh water: Sassovivo, Pale and Rasiglia

Trail name and description

Level & Scale of difficulty used for hiking

E (For more info have a look here


6 hours


15 km

Refreshing points

Pale – Ponte S.Lucia – Scopoli – Rasiglia 



Best period for hiking

from March to November, especially May and October


having a Mediterranean climate, Umbrian weather is mildly cold in winter, January is the coldest month. The area of the Menotre waterfalls (Pale) is humid and the terrain surface is slippery

how to reach the starting point

the trail starts in Sassovivo at the Abbey of Santa Croce (42.956889667967815, 12.76238837269928). The Abbey of Santa Croce in Sassovivo is a Benedictine complex that is about 6 km from the center of Foligno, at an altitude of 565 m asl. on the slopes of Monte Serrone. The asphalt paving turns into a cart road that at the first hairpin turn, after the picnic area, must be left to enter, on the right, a wood of centuries-old oaks that we follow, following the white/red signs, until we reach a wide space and from here take a path through the woods until we cross the Val di Chienti State Road. Cross the road to reach the village of Pale with its characteristic waterfalls and the hermitage of Santa Maria Giacobbe, carved out of sheer rock. At the centre of the castle square, a path starts that shortly leads to Ponte Santa. Lucia and from here, following the watercourse of the Menotre river, it first reaches the little village of Scopoli (a visit to the monumental drinking fountain is recommended) and then the characteristic village of Rasiglia.

Equipment and outfit required

You should pack a bottle of water, as it is not always possible to stock up on water on the way, a hat, windbreaker, whatever you consider indispensable on a personal level, remembering not to make the rucksack unnecessarily heavy, hiking footwear.

Download file: Sassovivo-rasiglia.gpx

The path twists and turns along the Altolina valley carved by the Menotre river. The abundance of water was lead to the development of fulling mills for wool processing and grain mills, while in later times it allowed the development of paper mills, active and widely known since the early 14th century.
The production of high quality paper in Pale continued until the 20th century.
Various sports activities take place in the valley too, from trekking to rock climbing.

Sassovivo water spring: The mineral water of the Sassovivo (lietrally “living rock”) springs flows from rock inside the “Grotta dell’Orso” (565 metres above sea level).

Pale: Menotre waterfalls and Altolina Park.

The small river Menotre rises about 30 km east of Foligno. At Pale, it falls 300 meters into the deep through the Altolina gorge, with several waterfalls.

You cannot miss the hermitage of Santa Maria Giacobbe. Prior to entering the church, place your foot in the footprint impressed upon the rock at the beginning of the trail: it is supposedly the imprint left by Santa Maria Giacobbe. The hermitage of Santa Maria Giacobbe is a small church with an adjoining hermitage built in the second half of the 13th century in a cave halfway up the mountainside of Pale.

Rasiglia: the medieval village on the water. Walking through its narrow streets and wooden bridges, you will be surprised by the abundant presence of water in this little village. You can also learn about its ancient crafts visiting the traditional shops “botteghe”.

Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie is about 500 metres from the village of Rasiglia. It was founded in 1450 and it represents one of the most important therapeutic sanctuaries in the area.  

Typical dishes of the best Umbrian tradition such as roast lamb, truffle omelette and bruschetta (grilled bread) seasoned with EVO.

You can also taste first courses with spelt, chickling vetch, lentils and truffle tagliatelle, as well as some typical desserts: rocciata (traditional Umbrian pastry) and tozzetti (hazelnut biscuits) dipped in a good Sagrantino di Montefalco red wine.

Foligno and the surrounding area offer many different types of accommodation.

Agosto montefalchese: the charming village of Montefalco hosts every year in August an event linked to local history and traditions with music, shows and historical re-enactments in its streets and squares.

Science and Philosphy Festival:  is an annual event held in April in Foligno aimed to discuss about science and philosophy and promote science culture among citizens of all ages.

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