Trail name and description

Level & Scale of difficulty used for hiking

T (For more info have a look here


1, 30 hours


5,9 km

Refreshing points

Chelas Village



Best period for hiking

Throughout all year but it’s particularly good in the springtime and autumn


scorching summers and cold winters

how to reach the starting point

Travel to Camping Park, this is the starting point and the finish

Equipment and outfit required

Good walking shoes, backpack, socks suitable for footwear, waterproof rain jacket, personal medication requirements, UV sunblock, insect repellent, lunch and snacks (include some for emergency), plastic bag for rubbish, water in secure container, sunglasses, binoculars, camera. In the summer the region it’s very hot this means that you should bring water and wear fresh clothes.
Download file: Entre os Rios.gpx


  • Be aware and use the waymarked trail,
  • Watch the fauna especially through binoculars
  • Respect nature
  • Do not litter
  • Respect private property
  • Do not light fires
  • Do not collect samples of plants or rocks
  • Be nice to locals
The path begins near the “Três Rios Maravilha”, a Camping Park near the city of Mirandela, and goes along the main road to the village of Chelas, crossing the bridge over the Tuela river. When you reach the village, go down the path on the right, next to “Entre Os Rios” farmhouse, which gives you access to extended fields with olive trees.Go past the “Regato do Junquedo” and as you go up among rockroses, pine trees, olive trees, cork oaks and farmland, you can appreciate the stunning views of the Santa Comba, Bornes and Faro moutains, Romeu village Classified site (Quadrassal), Tuela River Dam, you can observe the poplars, alders and willows that are part of an extensive riparian vegetation. Following the route, further on, you can still admire the Formigosa Bridge over the Tuela River and Vale de Juncal village. When arriving at the old road, turn left and go ahead onto the village of Chelas. As you go down, you can observe the Rabaçal River and wounderfull Eixes village. In Chelas, you can visit the Equestrian Center, Santa Maria Church and the Fountain.  
  • Santa Maria Madalena Church
  • Tuela River
  • Rabaçal River
  • The swimming pools in the Camping Park.
  • Formigosa Bridge
  • Alheiras (a typical meat sausage),
  • Traditional smoked products (fumeiro),
  • Olive oil (azeite),
  • Wines (vinhos).

In this area you can taste Alheira,  a type of Portuguese sausage, made with meats (usually pork, veal, duck, chicken, quail or rabbit) and bread. You can also taste “Fumeiro” a traditionally prepared and smoked smoked on grills called “moquéns”.

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