Little Prince Trail

Trail name and description

Level & Scale of difficulty used for hiking

E (For more info have a look here


5 hours


7 km

Refreshing points

The shelter (44.4084, 15.3188) Crnopac (Tatekova koliba) has a cistern with drinkable water.


Crnopac shelter (4084, 15.3188) is located on a stone plateau, on an edge overlooking a valley beneath. It was built by Slavko Tomerlin, and has enough room to host 10 people at a time.

Best period for hiking

Summer is the recommended season for hiking this trail, as in springtime and fall there is a possibility of unexpected snowfall and walking in karst terrain can be dangerous.


Continental climate with the highest precipitation rates in Croatia. During summers thunderstorms occur quite often.

how to reach the starting point

The starting point (25373, 15.8107), at 757m altitude is nine kilometers from the town Gračac, via Prezid to Obrovac.

Equipment and outfit required

The trail is secured with bolts, cables, and scales, and therefore it is safe to pass. For experienced hikers it is easily passable, especially in summer. The necessary equipment can be narrowed down to appropriate backpack, mountaineering boots, sufficient water and food supply, and a small first aid kit

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*The full round of this circular trail takes about 5-7 hours to pass through.

**The markers start 500m before the tunnel, at the small crossing on the left side of the road. To get to the starting point, you need to turn left on the crossing, onto the white road, on which one can park a car on the side. From this point, you will be walking for around forty minutes in the direction of the mountain shelter “sklonište Crnopac” following the markers that lead uphill. Just before the mountain shelter (44.2635, 15.8334), there is a crossing where you should turn left and follow the signs for Bili Kuk. The trail then descends and after that point ascends and emerges to the crossroads where the Little Prince’s Path starts (44.26381, 15.83221). At this point to start the trail, you should continue straight.

*** If you wish to stay overnight, make sure to take a mat and a sleeping bag, also take enough food and water supply, to make yourself comfortable in Crnopac mountain shelter (also called “Tatekova koliba”) (44.4084, 15.3188). The mountain shelter has a water cistern, but on the trail there are no other water sources that are available year-round.

The Little Prince Trail (Put Malog Princa) is located in the south part of Velebit national park in Croatia, in the heart of Crnopac mountain1. The Velebit national park was established to protect unique karst formations occurring in this area. This circular trail of Little Prince leads through many beautiful formations such as canyons, gates, and rigdes – all of them very well marked.

The trail was created by a mountaineer Slavko Temerlin “Tatek”, Velebit enthusiast who marked and discovered the secluded passage, with the help of the mountaineer Zdenko Morović.2 The whole path leads through picturesque karst forms for which Slavko assigned names such as Dvori (Courts), Konoba (Wine Cellar), Slipi Klanac (Blind Gorge), Tisni Klanac (Tight Gorge), Kicma (Spine).

  • The trail leads through many beautiful karst formations – canyons, gates, rooms and rigdes.
  • The formations were assigned descriptive names such as: Dvori (Courts), Konoba (Wine Cellar), Niska vrata (Low Gates), Dvorska vrata (Court Gates), Zdenkova jama (Zdenko’s Pit), Šušnjevac (Rustling Place), Slipi klanac (Blind Gorge), Tisni klanac (Tight Gorge), Podkuk (Undercliff), Papratnjak (Fern Place), etc.
  • The trail will lead you over the steep ridge Kičma (Spine), secured with cables with steep slopes, giving you a spectacular view to the surrounding forests. You will pass through Nebeska vrata (Heaven’s Gate), and walking through the forest, arrive under the crossroads leading you to optional climb on Bili Kuk peak.
  • Bili kuk (1171 m) is the highest peak on the trail, allowing a 360° view on the surrounding mountain peaks Crnopac, Kita Gaćešina, Sveto Brdo (Holy Mountain) and the other peaks of Velebit. The view reaches even to the Dinara mountain chain, as well as the western Bosnia.
  • One of the most attractive points on the trail is Zdenkova Jama (Zdenko’s Pit), with a small spring and a water retainer. The steep descent into Zdenkova Jama is safely secured by fixed cable, pegs, and aluminum ladder.

There are no nearby mountain huts serving food on the trail. The closest restaurants are restaurant “Kralj Zvonimir” in Gračac, restaurant “Tomić” in the village Grab. A little further there are also nice restaurants “Slapovi Zrmanje” and “Izletište Cvituša”.

You can stay overnight in a modest mountain shelter Crnopac (also called “Tatekova koliba”) (44.4084, 15.3188). This wooden house is open year-round and maintained by local mountaineering associations. The shelter can accommodate max. 10 people on wooden benches. It is necessary to take a mat and a sleeping bag. The shelter has a closed and an open fireplace, and a water cistern.

Check in advance the shelter availability and if there is enough water supply by calling one of the contacts:

  • PD Paklenica: +38523301636
  • Milan Terman: +385989511075

“At this trail the time ceases to exist, because you are totally amazed by the beauty of the landscape so that you forget everything else.” – Slavko Temerlin, the author of the trail.

The area is inhabited by the most venomous European snake – poskok (horned viper). Despite its reputation this species is lethargic, and will not attack unprovoked; still – caution is advised as it may sunbathe in rocky areas such as this one.