Premužić Trail

Trail name and description

Level & Scale of difficulty used for hiking

E (For more info have a look here


around 8 hours


16 km

Refreshing points

There is no drinkable water on the trail itself – mountain shelters Zavižan  (44.8143, 14.9758) and Alan (44.7214, 14.9693) are supplied with drinks, but water must be taken with you (or your own transport). There is rainwater that is not recommended for drinking untreated in Zavižan, Oltari, Lubenovac and V. Alan. However, Štirovača has access to high-quality, potable water.


On the trail between Alan (44.7214, 14.9693) (contact +385912016785 for stay), and Zavižan  (44.8143, 14.9758) (+38553614209 or +385996749371 for stay), there is a shelter called Rossi’s hut (44.7659, 14.9873), that was renovated a few years ago, so now it can host upt to eight people at a time.


In spring and autumn, the Premužić trail is available, but there is a possibility of snow and strong storms, which can make the trip unpleasant and/or dangerous. As this region is the coldest one in Croatia, and known for very strong winds, proceed with caution.

how to reach the starting point

You can easily reach Alan by a car on a paved road from the direction of Jablanica or a dirt road from the direction of Begovača. The public transport is not available for this trail, so best organize car transport. It is recommended to arrive at Alan Mountain Shelter with a personal car, and return from Zavižan to Alan with Dragec prijevoz (contact: +385989126644, – they offer a 90-100 EUR ride on this route for a group of up to 8 people.

Equipment and outfit required

All necessary equipment can be narrowed down to appropriate backpack, mountaineering boots, sufficient water and food supply.

Download file: premuzic.gpx

*Starting at Alan Mountain Shelter (44.7214, 14.9693), you will take a path that leads north through the forest uphill. Here starts the Premužić trail that leads you through the meadows with a sea view. The route provides the easiest access to the most rugged and inaccessible sections of northern Velebit – Hajdučki i Rožanski Kukovi, outstanding karst reserves protected under the highest category of nature protection in Croatia. Three and a half hours walk would lead you to the Rossi’s hut (44.7659, 14.9873) under Pasarić’s kuk. From the trail it is possible to reach the nearby peaks of Seravski vrh, Gromovača, and Crikven – these sections are rather short (each up to 30 minutes of walking), but lead through a slightly more demanding terrain.

**As there is no public transport available, it is crucial to organize individual transport for the return.

***A mandatory ticket (with a discount for mountaineers) and compliance with the prescribed rules of conduct are required to enter, as the trail passes through the Northern Velebit National Park.

Premužić trail is about 57 kilometers long trail on a most impressive mountain chain in Croatia – Velebit, which forms a natural border between continental and mediterranean Croatia. The trail is starting from Zavižan – a beautiful locality famous as the oldest meteoroligical station on higher altitudes in Croatia and ending in Baške Oštarije in the south. We will focus on the first and most beautiful part of Premužić trail on the relation from Alan (44.7214, 14.9693) to  Zavižan (44.8143, 14.9758), which is 16 kilometers long. This trail is unique as a relatively easy path built on a rather challenging terrain; meandering across Northern Velebit National Park, and special reservations that lie in it – Hajdučki kukovi and Rožanski kukovi, groups of peaks exceeding 1600 meters.

The Premužić’s trail is a marvelous mix of wild nature, and a mountain path built so skillfully that it seamlessly blends into the natural environment. The idea was conceived by dr. Ivan Krajač, and the trail was built in the 1930s by the forestry engineer Ante Premužić, using an old method of dry stone walls, avoiding any particularly difficult slopes. Even more impressively, the trail was built on extremely harsh terrain of the Velebit mountain chain in only four years. Ivan Krajač, the author of the trail stated that “whoever in the future comes to walk on this beautiful and comfortable trail will hardly be able to imagine all the hard work and effort the first pioneers had to endure while walking through this difficult terrain with no trail whatsoever”

  • The trail leads through Northern Velebit National Park, where you will find yourself surrounded by astounding karst formations Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi.
  • In the nearby village Krasno, you may visit the Church of Mother Mary, a late XVIII. century catholic temple (44.8276, 15.0893). Krasno is also the only place in Croatia with a forestry museum (44.8203, 15.0705).
  • In the neighbouring village Kuterevo you may find Velebit Refuge for Young Bears (Velebitsko utočište za mlade medvjede – Kuterevo), a grassroot initiative founded in 2002 (44.8234, 15.1419).

The aforementioned village Krasno is known for its long tradition of cheese production, for which mostly cow and sheep milk is used. The inhabitants even organize a small festival Dani sira (Cheese Days), to promote their region.  Even if you do not find yourself in Krasno, we recommend you try products such as Krasnavski sir, that should be available in shops in the surrounding area.

You can stay at mountain huts Zavižan (44.8143, 14.9758) and Alan (44.7214, 14.9693). Check in advance the shelter availability and if there is enough water supply by calling one of the contacts:

  • PD Zavižan: +38553614209
  • PD Alan +385912016785

A mountain shelter Rossi’s hut is located on the trail, approximately in the middle of the route (44.7655, 14.9872). It is an old structure, build around 1929 out of local materials.

The entire length of this trail was renovated in 2009, and officially announced as an asset of national and cultural importance. During this endeavor the educational boards were placed along it.

The area is inhabited by the most venomous European snake – poskok (horned viper). Despite its reputation this species is lethargic, and will not attack unprovoked; still – caution is advised as it may sunbathe in rocky areas such as this one.